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Address: Mailong Road, Haian Economy Development Zone, Xuwen, Zhanjiang, Guangdong
Post Code£º524100
Tel: 18094301339
Fax: 0759-4806856 4806871

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Service Commitment

    Our Quality Faith£ºConstantly strive for perfection, Customers always are the first

Our Invironment Faith£ºWe click on the faith to enhance the market competitiveness, reduce the invironment contamination to the most extent, use the resources reasonably. We therefore promise:

    Observe law and discipline, all staff participate

    save energy & reduce consumption, prevent contamination

    Improve continuously, raise performance



Guangdong Naturegreen continuously train the employees to set up the responsibilities, and strictly fulfil the systems of ISO9001£º2000, ISO14001£º2004, ISO22000:2005 to guarantee the foods securities.

Guangdong Naturegreen processes aloe vera products meticulously, improves technologies, and supplies aloe vera products to the consumers with good quality.

Guangdong Naturegreen improves the technologies, reduce the emission, enhance the energy ratio and develop the recycle of resource.

Guangdong Naturegreen improves the control of processing, QC, invironment and foods security so that to raise the products quality and reduce the contamination to the invironment and reduce the energy and guarantee the foods security.

All that we do is to satisfy the customers. Our quality faith is as below:

1£©product percent of pass is higher than 95% (exfactory pass rate: 100%)

2£©the annual complaint is not more than 5 times.

3£©  Customer Satisfaction is high than 80%

Our Invironment Faith

1£©reduce the energy, the water and electricity decrease progressively by 1-2% per year within three years.

2£©Reduce the dust pollution and hurt to people

3£©Reduce noise pollution and protect the employees’ health

4£©Improve the sewage treatment to blowoff  as required standard.

Our foods security goal

1£©The raw materials and the packing materials be accordance with national standards.

2£©The aloin content in the product be controled under the rate that it can be acceptable.

3£©Avoid any accidents of food security and sanitary.